ZFS and 'traditional' nfs-export

Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Tue Oct 27 19:32:35 UTC 2009

ZFS makes its own version of the exports file.

Just do it that way, and be safe.

You can pass the full set of NFS options in the sharenfs parameter....

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I googled a bit on this question but could not find
a clear answer :

is there any risk/inconvenience/advantage in exporting
a ZFS-fs by just putting it in /etc/exports the old
way and leaving the 'sharenfs' option on the filesystem off?

I'd like to replace a UFS-based server serving mostly
linux-clients which work well now with a ZFS-fs, and somehow
am a bit waterfearing changing the nfsèoptions which worked
great till now.

Thank you in advance,

regards, Arno
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