bce(4) BCM5907 CTX write errors on 7.2 driver

David Christensen davidch at broadcom.com
Sat Nov 21 01:18:01 UTC 2009

> > For the record we also have not been able to reproduce the issue on 
> > the R710 only the R610.
> I got hold of an R610 system and I now understand why the 
> issue was difficult to replicate on R710.  The R610 ships 
> without Enterprise iDRAC while the R710 ship with the add-in 
> Enterprise iDRAC module.  When the module is present the 
> system is managed through the additional RJ45 port but when 
> the module is absent iDRAC traffic will flow through the 
> on-board 5709 adpaters.
> The error will only occur when management firmware is loaded 
> on the 5709 AND when NC-SI management functionality is enabled.
> You should be able to confirm this by adding or removing the 
> Enterprise iDRAC module on your systems.  Now that I have a 
> failure again I have some ideas to test which might help.
> Stay tuned.

Does the attached patch make a difference for you?

FYI, I'll be out next week on vacation.

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