Weird dhclient behavior after today's rebuild

Milan Obuch freebsd-net at
Thu May 14 05:13:32 UTC 2009


I did full system rebuild from freshly csup'ped sources. Everything went 
smooth as usual, but after reboot network card did not get configured via 
DHCP. There were four lines logged on console/in syslog:

dhclient[822]: re0: not found
dhclient[822]: exiting
dhclient[823]: connection closed
dhclient[823]: exiting

I did some tests, disabled automatic dhclient invocation in rc.conf.

Then, after connecting cable, ifconfig re0 show status active, netstat -rnf 
inet shows only loopback route ( on lo0). Manually starting
dhclient re0:

ifconfig: ioctl (SIOCAIFADDR): File exists
re0: not found

At this point, netstat -rnf inet shows additional route on re0,yet 
there is no addres in ifconfig re0 output.

Assigning IP statically works (tested only via ifconfig re0 <IP>, but setting 
this in rc.conf should have exastly the same effect).

I found a bit strange workaround for this - first assign any IP to interface, 
I used, then launching dhclient re0 yields desired result...

This problem is observed with sources 24 hours old, verified with sources 12 
hours old, did not occured last time I did rebuild from sources 3 or 4 days 
old (not remembered exactly).


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