New INTEL firmware v3.1 for device iwi (IPW 2200BG)

Dieter Brozio Dieter.Brozio at
Sun May 3 13:05:42 UTC 2009

Hi there,

sorry for writing to the complete FBSD mailing list, but I don't know 
who is responsible for the WLAN iwi device firmware.

To whom it may concern:

INTEL released in March 2009 a new version 3.1 of its firmware version 
for the WLAN iwi device (Pro/Wireless 2200BG).

On my 7.2.RC2 desktop PC (without WLAN) I noticed that in


is still the old v3.0 iwi firmware inside.

This fw generates after some hours of operation error messages like 
"iwi0:scan stuck" and finally the network connection will be 
disconnected. I've tested fw v3.1 this week on my FBSD6.4 laptop: No 
problems, no "scan stuck", no side-effects. Brilliant.

I think you should update FBSD 7.2 with fw v3.1 because maybe you can 
fix at least one of these bugs:

I'm sorry that I'm unable to test iwi firmware v3.1 with FBSD 7.2 on my 
WLAN laptop, but at the moment I need the installed FBSD 6.4 on this PC.

Anybody of you who can test iwi v3.1?


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