Signal sensitivity problem with if_rum

Gustau Pérez gperez at
Sat May 2 07:45:36 UTC 2009

>>   Any idea if is there anything to change/tune ?
> There is not just bbp17 to tune there are probably others much more important
> registers.
> But as I already mentioned that code is completly missing.
   I was not talking about autotuning features, which are missing as you 
pointed. Was talking
just about changing/tuning values of some registers to increase 
reception sensitivity.

  The people  of linux, seem to have increased the sensitivity by 
modifing bbp17 and disabling
autotuning. I tried with bbp17 and for the autotuning disabled, well, we 
already have it
implemented :) (just joking) Anyway, giving that I didn't get an 
increase of sensitivity, I think we'll
need the help of the developers.

  Well, this morning will try to increase sensitivity of those usb rum 
with a linux system, just to check
what they say here : 



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