HEADS UP: IGMPv3/SSM: alpha code drop.

Bruce Simpson bms at incunabulum.net
Tue Mar 3 19:51:24 PST 2009

Bruce Simpson wrote:
>    From an architectural standpoint, the most important wide-ranging 
> change that this makes to the IPv4 stack in FreeBSD, is the change 
> which takes the IN_MULTI_LOCK() out of the ip_output() and ip_input() 
> paths. Filtering of inbound multicast traffic is pushed up to the 
> transport protocol layers (RAW, and UDP; SCTP and TCP drop multicast 
> traffic.)

The first part of this particular change has now been merged to HEAD.
All other non-invasive changes have been merged to HEAD; the diff set 
for IGMPv3 has now been minimized.

This SHOULD increase multicast send performance when loopback is 
explicitly disabled, and is one half of the changes needed to the bottom 
half of IPv4 to make it possible to designate in_multi_mtx as a 
non-recursive mutex.

Please let me know if there are any problems.


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