Need testers for a network cleanup patch

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Thu Jan 22 15:05:09 PST 2009


while cleaning up protosw things I found that rip6_output was most
likely never called from pr_output and after a short talk with Robert
the conclusion was that the same had been true for rip_output.

Before I am going to remove the initializations I made the two
rip{,6}_output functions calling panic().

I have a patch for HEAD here:

and one for 7-STABLE here (compiled but not booted):

I am confident it will not panic (at least for HEAD;) but not 100%
sure so you can run this on your test or devel machine but I'd not
run it on a production machine.

If you are going to use the 7-STABLE patch make sure to have debugging
support in your kernel as well so we could get backtraces in the
unlikely event of panic.

Please reply directly to me if you have (un)successfully run the
patch and do NOT to the lists.
In case you think you run it successfully mail me after a
2-3 days, and _not_ with an "it booted" message! ;-)

Thanks for your help.

Bjoern A. Zeeb                      The greatest risk is not taking one.

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