pppoed problem with reconnections

Eugene Perevyazko john at dnepro.net
Sun Jan 18 03:35:28 PST 2009

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 08:08:30PM +0000, Paul Thornton wrote:
> - The PPPoE connection is then not disconnected cleanly (say network 
> cable pulled out, or machine reboots, etc)
> - Back on the termination box, there is still a ppp process running 
> using that address.
> - When you try and reconnect as the original user, it fails because the 
> address cannot be assigned (already in use).  Things then stay like this 
> for ever until I kill the ppp process that was connected with the pppoed 
> running on that VLAN.

You have to look at keep-alive settings to terminate dead connections.
And why don't you try an mpd (/usr/ports/net/mpd) that is perfectly suited
to manage hundreds and thousands of simultaneous ppp (and PPPoE in particular)
connections? It's fast, flexible and easy to setup both as server and client.

Eugene Perevyazko

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