kern/117717: [panic] Kernel panic with Bittorrent client.

rwatson at rwatson at
Sat Jan 3 04:33:33 PST 2009

Synopsis: [panic] Kernel panic with Bittorrent client.

Responsible-Changed-From-To: rwatson->net
Responsible-Changed-By: rwatson
Responsible-Changed-When: Sat Jan 3 12:32:27 UTC 2009
Transfer to net@ after changing to suspended -- I've been unable to
reproduce this problem and the original reporter confirms that it isn't
present in 7.x, likely due to bms's substantial cleanup and rewrite of
the multicast code in 7.x.  I think we might reasonable close it at
this point, but if someone is able to pick this up for 6.x and do the
debugging, that would still be useful for 6.x users.

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