VLAN access and sub-int

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Feb 20 17:56:07 PST 2009

Hi all,

I'm in a bit of a pinch. I need to set up a VLAN from a FreeBSD box to a
Cisco catalyst switch, but I am not in a position to test this in a lab
before I deploy it.

Currently, I've got em5 to a catalyst switch. There are no vlans in
place on this switch at this point (other than native 1).

What I'd like to do, is configure an em5.107 sub-int, and configure the
physically connected switch port as a trunk, carrying the native vlan
(1) as well as vlan 107.

I've already got the em5.107 interface created. I'm just worried about
changing the switch port to trunk mode remotely.

The switch is in an odd location in the network, and I need this vlan
lit up as a temporary hack until I can physically get to the location to
move some cabling.

What I'm asking is if I change the switchport mode on the physically
connected switch port to trunk, will the native em5 interface deal with
the untagged traffic by default?

FWIW, I do have access via SSH to a device that has a console cable via
cuad0 directly connected to the switch, if the worst should happen.


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