GIF MTU parmeter is needed

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Dec 28 19:06:05 UTC 2009

David DeSimone wrote:
> Hideki Yamamoto <hyama99 at> wrote:
>>     h99# ifconfig xl0 inet6 2001:99::1
>>     h99# ifconfig gif0 create
>>     h99# ifconfig gif0 inet tunnel
>>     h99# route add -inet6 2001:98::/64 -interface gif0
>>     add net 2001:98::/64: gateway gif0
>>     h99# ifconfig  gif0 up
> I wonder if the problem you're seeing is due to the MTU attached to the
> static route that you're adding rather than the MTU of the interface.
> Try different command sequences and perform a "route get" to find out
> what MTU is being applied to the routes, to see if they change to what
> you expect.

Actually the route mtu will over-ride the interface mtu I think..
route change {address} mtu xxxx

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