FreeBSD 8: ipfw fwd and pf route-to broken?

Max Laier max at
Mon Dec 7 19:40:58 UTC 2009

On Friday 04 December 2009 09:47:37 Lytochkin Boris wrote:
> It seems that FreeBSD 8 has ipfw fwd and pf's route-to malfunctioning:
> 1) ipfw fwd
> a) net.inet.ip.forwarding = 0
>   Packets altered by fwd rule are silently dropped somewhere
> between ip_output() checking forward tag and bpf (tcpdump does not
> show these packets)
> b) net.inet.ip.forwarding = 1
>   Packets altered by fwd rule are forwarded according to normal
> routing table (in my case they were forwarded to default gateway), not
> fwd statement
> 2) pf route-to
> Both values of net.inet.ip.forwarding replicates 1b case.
> Sample configs
> 1) ipfw
> add 60 fwd ip from to any out
> add 65534 allow ip from any to any
> 2) pf
> scrub in all fragment reassemble
> pass in all flags S/SA keep state
> pass out quick route-to (em0 inet from
> to any flags S/SA keep state

I can not reproduce this. My (cursory) test on a r197983 install suggests that 
route-to is working as it should.  Your rules are a bit strange and might 
result in asymmetric states that can result in dropped tcp-sessions, but the 
basic route-to is correct.  Can you share more details about your setup: 
netstat -rnfinet, pfctl -vvsr (after passing some traffic that was supposed to 
hit the route-to rule) and how exactly your default gateway and the 
alternative router are connected to your pf-box?

Thanks in advance.


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