IPv6 regression on 8.x

Li, Qing qing.li at bluecoat.com
Wed Aug 26 21:56:40 UTC 2009

Hi Hiroki,

> <SNIP>
>  1) Scope violation in a simple global unicast address:
>  2) Issue of subnet-router anycast address with a global address on
>     another I/F:
> <SNIP> 

I have fixed the above regression issues last week, but due to
traveling, I did not commit the fix until about 5 minutes ago.
Please sync-up to "svn-r196569" and let me know how the patch
works out for you.

I have tested the patch myself using your examples and the
patch produces the expected results.

This patch also fixes another issue, and using your example, 
where packets received on em0 that are destined for either re0 
or em1 cannot get any response packets.

>  3) Manually-configured subnet routes disapper on receiving RA:
>  --> This symptom occurs on 7.1R and later, including 8.x and
>      9-current, not 7.0R.  Even by doing a manual configuration, the
>      routes on the RA-receiving I/F can not be added.

The new L2/L3 rewrite only applies to 8.x and 9-current. Since this
symptom occurs also on 7.1R, and this is the first I heard of it, 
I will investigate further and get back to you, soon.


-- Qing

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