two NIC on 2 core system (scheduling problem)

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Oct 28 04:21:00 PDT 2008

Oleksandr Samoylyk wrote:
> Ivan Voras wrote:
>> Bartosz Giza wrote:
>>> Another question is why em0 taskq is eating so much cpu ? BGE
>>> interface is actually one that pushes 2 times more packets than em0
>>> and it uses about half cpu comparing to em0. Is that not strange ?
>>> Could someone tell my why is this happening ? BGE is faster ? or
>>> maybe i can tune some
>> I have the same problem - em0 taskq eating incredible amounts of CPU. If
>> you find a solution, contact me!
> It could be not just a problem with em driver.
> Firstly, it's good to make profiling and find out what exactly eats CPU

Can you give any pointers on how to profile the driver and/or the
network stack?

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