Samba PDC with VPN access

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Fri Mar 21 09:36:44 PDT 2008

I just happen to be looking into vpn stuff with FreeBSD,   I was looking at 
the man page for ppp, there is a section that states passwd(5) can be used 
instead of a secret file.  Not sure if this entirely relates to your setup, 
but I will be trying this out

If MyAuthPasswd is a ``*'', the password is looked up in the passwd(5)

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Subject: Samba PDC with VPN access

> We have a Samba PDC on FreeBSD 7.0-release. The goal is to make users home
> drrives accessible throuth a VPN connection from Windows clients. Until 
> now
> I have experimented with the Poptop server without much success and now 
> have
> a working configuration based on Mpd4. This is not ideal, since I have to
> keep usernames/passwords manually updated in the mpd.secret file. And that
> can not be combined with users changing their own Samba and UNIX passwords
> via password sync.
> It seems that some kind of authentication via Winbind and ntml_auth would 
> be
> a way to go.
> Maybe it can be done by installing a Radius server to communicate with 
> Mpd,
> but that seems to be unnessesarily complicated.
> Does anyone know the "best" solution to achieve the goal?
> Regards,
> Jon Theil Nielsen
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