Enovation Technologies gdakos at
Mon Jan 21 01:49:16 PST 2008

hello. i am newbie on freebsd and i have a problem with 2 nics

i have 2 nics   re0 and re1

on re0 i have installing this ip

# -- sysinstall generated deltas -- # Thu Dec  6 15:26:31 2007
ifconfig_re0="inet  netmask"

i want to install on re1 another ip

i configure with sysinstall my second nic , but when i restart my box  i have this message

arp: is on re0 but got reply from 00:50:7f:b0:a0:f8 on re1

my question is how to configure  2 nics with different ip on same box  in the same subnet.


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