Multilink PPP Download Speeds With Round-Robin Packets

Alexander Motin mav at
Wed Jan 16 14:21:09 PST 2008

Michael MacLeod wrote:
> So there are lots of out of order packets, but that's to be expected
> with round-robin multilink ppp. I ran these after downloading three
> copies of the linux kernel in parallel, and there are no packets that
> were reassembled.

Even working in round-robin mode ppp avoids packet reordering as it may 
lead to problems with compression/encryption protocols. Multilink header 
includes serial number especially for this purpose.

> I seem to recall that mpd did not support either
> packet splitting or round-robin (I forget which, and I forget where I
> read it), and since my connection to TekSavvy uses both of these, it
> might be a non-starter.

Mpd supports both. There were some mistakes in multilink transmission 
part of ng_ppp kernel module working in splitting mode that in some 
cases could lead to ineffective packet distribution, but they were fixed 
8 months ago at 6-STABLE.

Alexander Motin

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