ospf cost and route selection (openospfd)

Josef Pojsl jp at tns.cz
Wed Feb 13 13:06:07 PST 2008

Hello Eygene,

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 10:37:29PM +0300, Eygene Ryabinkin wrote:
> Found another OpenBSD/FreeBSD discrepancy: FreeBSD wants to see IP
> header's length in the native host order, when it sends the packets
> with sendmsg().  Corrected the patch and tried it on my test setup
> with Qemu: it worked in the configuration that is simular to yours.
> But one exception: my interfaces are not point-to-point, because
> it is too late to get VPNs up and running for today ;))  So it will
> be very good if you will be able to test the new version.
> Attached is the modified patch for the port itself and the modified
> file 'files/patch-ospfd_packet.c': it is the only changed file from
> the previous version of my patch.  So, if you had already patched
> the port to 4.2 with previous version, just drop patch-ospfd_packet.c
> into the 'files/' directory and rebuild the patch.

Thanks for that patch. I have replaced patch-ospfd_packet.c with the new one,
and OSPF packets can find their way through again now. Unfortunately,
the behavior is the same as with openospfd 4.0; it converges with right costs etc.,
but with the wrong interface. Everything is exactly the same.


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