Surf outside Internet through VPN

Darren Pilgrim freebsd at
Fri Dec 19 04:48:27 PST 2008

Noah Silverman wrote:
> I want to find a way to pass ALL traffic from my laptop THROUGH my  
> office VPN and then out to the Internet.  This is a "road warrior"  
> setup. This gives me a few benefits:  1) I can check my email securely  
> through VPN.  2) No matter where I am, I will always have the external  
> IP of my VPN server when accessing the web.
> I have setup a VPN.  Was able to get it working with either tun or tap  
> interfaces.  That part seems OK.
> Now what??  (I can see and connect to the VPN server with ''  
> easily.  I can't see or connect to the outside world.)  Do I need to  
> add some kind of special route in the routing table?

If you can talk to arbitrary hosts on your office network--not just the 
VPN server--setting your default router to the office's gateway will 
achieve what you want.

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