Vimage howto

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Mon Dec 8 08:21:39 PST 2008


Thank you (and Marko) very much for preparing this document.

The VIMAGE import has had me at something of an impasse re: the IGMPv3 
branch and clearly written documentation is a big help indeed.

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Well not completely, but I've had a number of questions over the
> last few months about what it is, so, as Marko and I have written
> the following "how to virtualize your module" document, I've been
> directing people to it. After another couple of questions I think
> this could do with wider distribition..

Thank you also for providing it here on the list, as opposed to relying 
on Perforce alone. Whilst I understand committers rate p4 for 
experimental work in the FreeBSD sphere, sadly it is simply not 
accessible to the not-so-silent majority in the FreeBSD sphere who are 
not committers, which makes its continued use questionable at best.


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