Fw: Kernel Panic in SCTP

Joe Mays jfmays at launchpad.win.net
Sat Aug 23 18:51:27 UTC 2008

Just thought I'd put this out there again. Is there anyone who was
involved in the SCTP installation on list?

> Hello.
> We've recently written an extensive software system that uses SCTP
as a
> critical component. We've started to run into an issue where the box
> panics after throwing an error message from sctp_timer.c that says
"Our list
> is out of order? Out of order list". Can anyone here shed light on
> going on, or give us a clue how to debug this?
> http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/netinet/sctp_timer.c#L645

Joe Mays

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