Application layer classifier for ipfw

Mike Makonnen mtm at
Sat Aug 2 11:27:18 UTC 2008

Patrick Tracanelli wrote:
> eculp escreveu:
>> Quoting Mike Makonnen <mtm at>:
>>> Daniel Dias Gonçalves wrote:
>>>> You will go to develop a version to work with PF ?
>>> I don't know what's needed to get it to work with pf, but if it's 
>>> not too
>>> much work, sure.
>> That would be great, Mike.  I'm seeing more and more bandwidth being 
>> used with p2p that I haven't been able to control with pf.  The 
>> thought has entered my mind to change back to ipfw that I used for 
>> many years before changing to pf maybe 3 years ago.  I also found 
>> dummynet to be easy and practical to set up for both incoming and 
>> outgoing connections.  Something else I haven't figured out how to do 
>> the same with altq, if even possible.  In fact, if I am able to 
>> control p2p with pf I may not even need bidirectional bandwidth limits.
>> Thanks for sharing your very practical solution to a real world 
>> problem.  Have a great weekend.
> If it could be rewritten as a netgaph node, maybe it could tag the 
> classified packets, and tagging be compatible with both pf and ipfw 
> (under discretionary user choice with configuration switchs), so both 
> ipfw or pf could be used.

I'll look into this when I have time.
> However a lot of work has to be done before. It works better on i386 
> than amd64 right now, wont compile on RELENG_6 without modifying some 
> gcc tweaks, etc.

Do you have a patch :-) ? Barring that, can you email me a copy of the 
build output?
> I hope enhacing it can be a GSoC project in the future, or we 
> (community) can raise some funds to make it happen faster. It is 
> really a long-time needed feature to FreeBSD.


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