Question about ip accounting

Vincent Mialon vincent at
Fri Apr 18 11:23:06 UTC 2008


I'm in a six months placement at Gitoyen (a small 
opensource-based LIR)

Gitoyen is a Local Internet Registry. The current routing solution is 
based on Linux with Quagga running OSPF and BGP. All routers runs 
Linux from USB flash drives but we think that FreeBSD could be much better 
with OpenOSPFD and OpenBGPD. My mission at Gitoyen is to be able to route 
about 2Gbps at 190 kilo packets per second using opensource softwares...

Can you give me some advices on IP accounting? It must be lightweight to let 
openbgpd working fluently. If informations could be retrieved by snmp it 
would be great too.

I found two ways of doing this: using pf or netgraph (particularly the ports 
ipaccounting_ng) so the questions are: 
- Is there a best way to do this? 
- Wich solution is the "lightest" for a router? 
- Is there a other ways to do IP accounting?  

Thanks for your help,


Vincent Mialon

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