Quagga as border router

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Wed Sep 19 21:13:54 PDT 2007

>>> Essentially, I'd like a board with at *least* 6 PCI-X slots, and perhaps
>>> 8 RAM slots (if I can find justification that my router will work better
>>> with up to 16GB of memory).
> Why would you go with PCI-X? it's slow and getting end-of life..
> go for PCI-Express.
> there are quad PCI-E gigabit cards available.
> Much lower packet latency.

As per my last email to Sten and the list...

I'm not a hardware person. PCI-E, PCI-X, I don't know the difference.

It was assumed that others would understand what I wanted and be able to
make recommendations to me, and correct me on my terminology.

All I do know is that there is something more than ISA slots, and 386's
now ;)

My request wasn't for clarification on motherboard technicalities, it
was essentially a request on a recommendation for a hardware/software
platform based on FreeBSD, that could possibly replace a Cisco 7206-VXR
based on the NPE-G2 processing engine (or equivalent).


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