new version of polling for FreeBSD 6.x

Vlad GALU dudu at
Sun Sep 9 13:46:45 PDT 2007

On 9/6/07, Fabien THOMAS <fabien.thomas at> wrote:
>         Hi,
> After many years of good services we will stop using FreeBSD 4.x :)
> During my performance regression tests under FreeBSD 6.2 i've found
> that polling has lower performance than interrupt.
> To solve that issue i've rewritten the core of polling to be more SMP
> ready.
> You can find a summary of all my tests and the source code at the
> following address:
> Feel free to ask more detailed information if necessary and report
> any bugs / comments.

  Fabien, since you have the necesary hardware to stimulate the
FreeBSD box, would it be too much to ask you to run some packet
capture tests with your polling implementation and the capturing
interface set to IFF_MONITOR? The userland program should use pcap and
simply increment a counter and spit out capture average once every N
seconds. It would be very interesting to see how polling affects
packet capture, with varying BPF buffer sizes.

> Fabien
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