Rui Paulo rpaulo at
Mon Sep 3 19:06:30 PDT 2007

I'm working on TCP ECN support and I would like to kill these defines 
from netinet/ip.h

#if 1
/* ECN RFC3168 obsoletes RFC2481, and these will be deprecated soon. */
#define IPTOS_CE                0x01
#define IPTOS_ECT               0x02

The are outdated and should no longer be used because that RFC has been 
obsoleted. RFC 3168 uses a bit different bits:
#define IPTOS_ECN_NOTECT        0x00    /* not-ECT */
#define IPTOS_ECN_ECT1          0x01    /* ECN-capable transport (1) */
#define IPTOS_ECN_ECT0          0x02    /* ECN-capable transport (0) */
#define IPTOS_ECN_CE            0x03    /* congestion experienced */
#define IPTOS_ECN_MASK          0x03    /* ECN field mask */

The only consumer of the RFC 2481 defines is sbin/ipfw/ipfw2.c and 
luigi@ accepted the attached patch.

Does anyone have any objection against the removal ?

Rui Paulo

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