MPLS implementatrion!

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Sun Oct 28 18:14:03 PDT 2007

Ermal Luçi wrote:
> I was wondering why this implementation of MPLS isn't integrated into FreeBSD?!

At least two reasons spring to mind:
1. It seems to be targeted at FreeBSD 4.2, which is very old indeed.
2. No mention of it in GNATS or the mailing list that I can see or recall.
3. I'd certainly never heard of it until now, and I've been keeping my 
eyes peeled for these things.

Also the work doesn't seem to be complete: I'm really not sure that the 
ability to open an MPLS socket is useful in anything other than an 
experimental context.

MPLS is not a protocol which is designed with end-stations in mind -- 
it's for routers -- and like any form of traffic engineering, it depends 
on a packet filtering engine at the ingress point. pf could offer such a 
filtering engine.

Whilst it's very cool that someone appeared to have done some of the 
work...  Matthew Luckie came forward a few months back and volunteered 
to work on porting Ayame to modern FreeBSDs.

It is more likely a better fit for FreeBSD and other projects which can 
build on it, so I think it is best we hold off for now.


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