NAT Questions

jhall at jhall at
Fri Oct 12 12:21:31 PDT 2007

I originally posted this to the FreeBSD questions mailing list, but did
not receive any responses.  If you are reading this for the second time,
please accept my apologies.

My ISP insists on handing all http traffic off to me on a separate IP

Following is my configuration.

External Interface------->Internal Interface--------> Rest of network       Alias is the IP address all http traffic will come in on.
is the IP address all other traffic will come in on.  Both of these
addresses reside on a single NIC with being an alias.

rdr port 80 -> port 80
map em1 -> has (my firewall) listed as its default gateway.
 When it responds to a request that has been forwarded, how will the
firewall return the response?  Will it return the request on

Thanks for your help and if any additional information is needed, please
let me know.


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