MPLS implementation

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Wed Mar 21 09:05:24 UTC 2007

Sam Wun wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any MPLS implementation for FreeBSD?
> I found a port ayame mpls for netbsd, but the last implementation was 
> dated
> back to 2003, seems very old.
There is NISTswitch, but it is most likely very bit-rotted by now.

I would suggest helping Anihudda Bodhra out on the Click port as it 
would be a great starting point for prototyping MPLS due to how Click 
will most likely attach to the kernel forwarding paths.

The key to success with MPLS is to learn from the layer 2 forwarding 
stuff in if_bridge; to integrate cleanly with the Ethernet code; to use 
ALTQ for the token bucket filter and traffic classification policies; 
and to not break the regular forwarding path.


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