tap(4) should go UP if opened

Frank Behrens frank at pinky.sax.de
Wed Mar 14 13:29:44 UTC 2007

many thanks for your fast response.

Bruce M. Simpson <bms at FreeBSD.org> wrote on 14 Mar 2007 13:09:
> The conditional in the second patch is a no-op as the open will be 
> forbidden if the user did not have privilege to open the tap. Bringing 

No. A process running with root rights can always open the tap.

> the interface up by default potentially violates POLA, so this should 
> not happen by default.

Ok, I see that the behaviour changes. 

I wonder who used the "tap user open" sysctl, when additional root rights are necessary to 
bring the interface UP? I can't imagine a setup where this could be used, somebody else?

> Please try the attached patch, which puts this behaviour under a sysctl.

Fine! This should work without problems. I agree with this solution, sounds good. I'll test it 
and report the result.

Regards and thanks for your support,
Frank Behrens, Osterwieck, Germany
PGP-key 0x5B7C47ED on public servers available.

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