mpd 4.1 on 5.5-STABLE

Ian Smith smithi at
Mon Mar 5 12:37:06 UTC 2007

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Alexander Motin wrote:
 > Ian Smith wrote:
 > > mpd4 -b syslogs the intro line, then sometimes another one, maybe two: 
 > > 
 > > Mar  4 20:03:16 paqi mpd: process 39879 started, version 4.1 (root at 20:51  3-Mar-2007)
 > > Mar  4 20:03:16 paqi mpd: CONSOLE: listening on 5005
 > > Mar  4 20:03:16 paqi mpd: [b_PPPoE] exec: /sbin/ifconfig xe0 up
 > > 
 > > then just disappears; no (logged) message, no core.  Some other times it
 > > keeps running but responds to neither telnet nor kill, short of kill -9.
 > Mpd tryes to process all possible signals to make clean shutdown. 
 > Sometimes it can, but sometimes it can't. In such cases it is 
 > recommended to comment out
 >    signal(SIGSEGV, SendSignal);
 >    signal(SIGBUS, SendSignal);
 >    signal(SIGABRT, SendSignal);
 > lines in main.c to let it crash and make core dump. Try to do it to get 
 > core and use gdb to locate crash reason.

Ok, I did see segv mentioned once.  Sorry, I have to file this for now
and use my workaround, before building a debug kernel and learning gdb!,
having services to relocate and rebuild over the next week or so. 

I'll likely have many more questions before I can make any contribution,
and I think mpd is awesome.  Blame Bruce Simpson for the good publicity!

Thanks, Ian

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