nconsistencies with IP_ONESBCAST and/or IP_SENDSRCADDR

Andre Oppermann andre at
Thu Mar 1 12:34:49 UTC 2007

Bruce M. Simpson wrote:
> Bruce M Simpson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> In preparation for tightening up our handling of INADDR_BROADCAST 
>> sends, I ran some brief tests today on the network stack with the 
>> attached test code.
>> I found some inconsistencies when run against 6.2-RELEASE;
>> 1. IP_ONESBCAST breaks if SO_DONTROUTE is specified.
>> One thing appears to be consistent about the failure mode: bad UDP 
>> checksums.
>> dc(4) is being used on the destination end of the test network, so 
>> checksum offloading should not be an issue.
>> I am also seeing the wrong destination address being used in most 
>> cases. This is intermittent regardless of whether the socket is bound 
>> or unbound.
> This is consistent with ip_output() treating its internal flag 
> IP_SENDONES as separate from IP_ROUTETOIF. I was skimming an old patch 
> of mine which attempts to implement part of SO_BINDTODEVICE which 
> contains a fix related to this condition.
> The fix isn't the right fix so I will revisit this now and hopefully 
> commit a fix shortly.
>> 2. IP_SENDSRCADDR has some other inconsistencies.
>> a. The option is always rejected if the socket is not bound.
>> I find this behaviour suspect; the whole point of the option is to 
>> specify, for SOCK_DGRAM and SOCK_RAW, the source address of a packet.
>> b. is always accepted.
>> A regular interface lookup is used based on destination if this is 
>> specified. This appears suspect to me because such an option is 
>> redundant.
> This is of course a separate issue. Because it's more involved (it 
> concerns the general concept of 'ip unnumbered' in the stack) it needs 
> further consideration before any fix is attempted.
> udp_output() will only call in_pcbbind_setup() if a non-INADDR_ANY 
> source address was specified; this is usually obtained from the socket 
> being bound previously. This explains why the IP_SENDSRCADDR option is 
> rejected in udp_output() for an unbound socket. It *will* be accepted if 
> the option contains INADDR_ANY. In this case, normal source address 
> selection takes place.
> This is a good use case demonstrating the need for source address 
> selection logic such as is now found in NetBSD.
> There is no sanity checking on the IP_SENDSRCADDR option data containing 
> INADDR_ANY; such an option is redundant and is nonsensical for an 
> unbound socket. We should reject the option if it contains INADDR_ANY if 
> and only if the socket is not bound. Implementing such a check is fairly 
> easy and makes sense for this use case. Returning EINVAL in this case 
> seems acceptable according to ip(4).
> The option *should* be accepted if the application has bound the socket 
> to a device somehow (oh dear, SO_BINDTODEVICE rears its head again) as 
> DHCP for example needs to override any IPv4 address which may be 
> assigned on an ifnet with

I have some WIP here too.  I'll send it to you later this afternoon.


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