Policy-based routing for packets originating from local machine ('reinject' packets back into kernel?)

Milan Obuch freebsd-net at dino.sk
Sun Jul 22 15:44:18 UTC 2007

On Sunday 22 July 2007, m_wlist at weirdwire.ru wrote:
> Hello.
> At the moment I'm trying to get that working with netgraph's ngeth
> interfaces. But they seem to behave in some really weird way.
> Details:
> # ifconfig ngeth0 netmask

Netmask looks weird to me. Something like this is really 
unusual. What does ifconfig ngeth0 show?

> # ngctl connect ngeth0: ngeth1: lower upper
> # ngctl connect ngeth1: ngeth0: lower upper
> ('tcpdump -ni ngeth0' on other terminal for great justice)
> # ping
> (here after some delay I get 'host is down' messages with no output from
> tcpdump).
> # ping
> (broadcast address, gives nothing from ping, and 'blal blah >
> ICMP echo request, blah' from tcpdump)
> (here i change tcpdump from ngeth0 to ngeth1)
> # ping and # ping
> give 'host is down' from ping and nothing from tcpdump
> # ping
> (LOL WUT!) still gives 'host is down' from ping, but tcpdump -ni ngeth1
> gives 'arp who-has tell'!
> That raises two questins:
> 1) Wtf is going on?
> 2) How to make ngeth just send ip packet, avoiding that arp stuff (or is
> there any other virtual interface devices available that do that)?

I can't comment on these question, but my recommendation would be to choose 
more usual mask - if it's not a typo, this could cause various interesting 


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