6.2 mtu now limits size of incomming packet

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Fri Jul 13 17:28:35 UTC 2007

Bill Moran wrote:
ractices are
> still evolving.
> Let's flip the question around a bit: why would you _want_ the TCP stack
> to accept frames larger than the stated MTU?

Because mtu is mTu not mRu.
The interface should theoretically always accept any packet up to
the maximum practical size..

As the original BSD group always said.. (from my memories of Kirk's and
Mike's talks in 1991),

"Transmit strictly [according to the spec] but receive forgivingly".

The ability to receive packets larger than mtu was not accidental.
This should be fixed, if it is, as is suggested, a deliberate change.

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