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Josh Paetzel josh at
Wed Jul 11 18:51:09 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 11 July 2007, Paul Schmehl wrote:
> >
> > Paul, I was never able to solve the link up/link down problems
> > with the driver....I was using the drivers from STABLE for a
> > while, and without jumbo frames everything worked somewhat ok
> > most of the time....the ultimate solution was to just get the
> > intel PCI-X card and stop using the broadcoms.
> Ouch!  So even updating to the latest driver doesn't solve the link
> state issue?  I don't use jumbo frames, but it's critical that this
> server remain in service 24/7, so I don't want to upgrade if
> there's no improvement in that issue.  Switching to the Intel card
> would be a bit of a PITA on a remote, rack-mount server.  :-(

I was running the driver from STABLE until about March and it would 
bounce the link up and down a couple times a day even under 
relatively moderate load. (50-60 mbps)  So perhaps there have been 
improvements since then, but I gave up dealing with it.  The driver 
was utterly broken in 6.1-R (0.9.5), by the time 6.2-R was getting 
rolled the driver in STABLE would at least not tip over under TCP 
load, but it was trivial to wedge it with even moderate amounts of 

I eventually reached the conclusion (correct or not) that you can't 
fix crap hardware with a driver.


Josh Paetzel
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