Update: LOR with divert sockets

Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at netfence.it
Wed Feb 28 20:01:03 UTC 2007

Andrea Venturoli wrote:

> I'm currently having:
> _ 1 SMP box *with* one uid rule which occasionally hangs (running 
> INVARIANTS&Co and from which my report was taken);
> _ 1 SMP box *without* uid rules which occasionally hangs (running 
> _ 1 UP box *with* one uid rule which frequently hangs (I'm turning 
> INVARIANTS&Co on this afternoon on this one);
> _ 1 UP box *with* one uid rule which frequently hangs (I'm turning SMP 
> and INVARIANTS&Co on this afternoon on this one);
> _ 2 UP boxes *with* one uid rule which never ever hanged.

I did what I told I was about to do, i.e. I enabled all the mentioned 
debugging options on two servers which are configured almost alike and 
are working in pair (i.e. running carp to backup each other): one is an 
i386/UP, the other an amd64/SMP.
Both are 6.2p1 running ipfw with the uid rule I reported in one of my 
previous messages.

As soon as I rebooted I got a LOR on both of them: this seems like #202 
on the list at http://sources.zabbadoz.net/freebsd/lor.html, except 
first line number is 336.

I then disabled debug.mpsafenet and had to reboot for this to apply.
Again I immediately had two LORs, but this time the one on the i386/UP 
box was different: in fact it was #203, which is what I reported from 
another server of mine (which by the way is an i386/SMP).

On that same box I later got #193, within two hours of enabling 
debugging messages.

Time will tell wether disabling mpsafenet will solve stability problems 
on these two boxes.

Hope this helps.

  bye & Thanks

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