[Fwd: Re: bge Ierr rate increase from 5.3R -> 6.1R]

Bruce Evans bde at zeta.org.au
Wed Feb 7 19:12:54 UTC 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, I wrote:

> 6.2 seems to be missing your fix for the time_uptime time warp -- after
> "route delete #remotehost", the negative expire time is slightly less
> than the uptime under 6.2, but it apparently should be slightly less
> than 0 as in ~5.2 and -current.  I don't understand the expire times
> -- are they really supposed to go negative?

The negative expire time seems to be actually the negative of the time
since the last down/up, not the negative of the uptime, and this behaviour
is the same in ~5.2, 6.2 and -current.  6.2 doesn't need your fix since
it still uses time_second.


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