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Max Laier max at
Wed Dec 12 15:07:27 PST 2007

On Wednesday 12 December 2007, Julian Elischer wrote:
> So, I'm playing with some multiple routing table support..
> the first version is a minimal impact version with very limited
> functionality. It's done that way so I can put it in RELENG_6/7 without
> breaking ABIs (I hope). Later there will be a more flexible version
> for-current.
> Here's the question..
> I need a word to use to describe the network view one is currently on..
> e.g. if you are usinghe second routing table, you could say I've set
> xxx to 1 (0 based)..
> current;y in my code I'm using 'universe' but I don't like that..
> one could think of it as a routing plane..
> each routing plane has he same interfaces on it but they are logically
> treated differently becasue each plane has a different routing table.
> so here's an axample of  it in use now...
> the names should change...
> setuniverse 1 netstat -rn
> [shows table 1]
> setuniverse 2 route add
> setuinverse 1 route add
> setuniverse 2 route -n get
> [shows]
> setuniverse 1 route -n get
> [shows]
> setuniverse 2 start_apache
> [appache starts, always using to reach the 10.0.0 net.
> also the syscall is setuniverse()
> so, you see I really need a better name....
> setrtab?
> rtab? rtbl?
> and the command should be called "????"

FWIW, OpenBSD just added a "-T num" switch to concerned programs like 
route and netstat.  As far as I can tell they rely entirely on pf to 
select a table - so there is no way to start a program "inside" a certain 
network view.  OTOH, how - in your system - would you decide which table 
to use for forwarded packets?

More to the bikeshed pov, "universe" seems rather broad.  "netview" comes 
to mind.  "rtabselect", though that has a lot of characters, but then 
again "setuniverse" is even one char longer ;)

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