Some Broadcom GbE NIC(bge driver) suffers packet loss at receiving

David Christensen davidch at
Thu Aug 16 13:52:52 PDT 2007

> Some revision of Broadcom GbE NIC with bge driver 
> seems to loss 1 packet per 1000 packet at receiving on some occasion. 
> Sending doesn't have this problem(receiving only).
> This loss doesn't always happen, 
> but when happens, it seems that loss is exactly 1 per 1000, 
> as the last 3 digits of lost packets' sequence number are all same.
> (i.e. example of lost packet seq-No. are:  
>  3284, 4284, 5284, 8284, 9284, ...)

The NIC maintains internal statistics which might give a clue to
the cause of the packet loss.  The latest bge driver in -CURRENT
includes a number of "sysctl" nodes to bring out those statistics.
Can you get that info?


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