SSTP support?

Brett Glass brett at
Thu Aug 9 14:19:44 UTC 2007


Maybe. However, I just got a message from a Microsoft employee 
named Samir Jain that indicates SSTP may not be a viable standard 
-- or, in fact, a standard at all. He says that Microsoft is 
implementing it only on Vista, not XP... even though most hardware 
out there which runs XP cannot support the memory or CPU 
requirements of Vista. And he says that Microsoft doesn't intend to 
put out an RFC for SSTP; instead, it will be "licensed to third parties."

Of course, due to the prior art you mention below, it can't be 
patented, and the recent consent decree requires Microsoft to make 
it available to third parties.

In any event, this silly and self-destructive behavior by Microsoft 
may make it moot.... Hope they'll come to their senses.

--Brett Glass

At 05:41 AM 8/9/2007, Eric Masson wrote:

>Brett Glass <brett at> writes:
> > It seems as if it would be easy to cobble together an SSTP client and
> > server using code already available on FreeBSD. (It'd require a daemon
> > for userland PPP and probably an SSL Netgraph node -- which,
> > surprisingly, doesn't seem to exist already -- for mpd.) Is anyone
> > already working on such a project?
>There's something similar in the ports collection :
>It's been written by A. Thivillon from HSC (, actual
>setup uses pppd(8) and thus may lead to instabilities, but It can use
>Maybe It could be used as a starting point.
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