ndis troubles - what's my next debugging step?

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 17:08:38 PDT 2006

First of all, I appologize if this is the wrong place, an earlier
request on -questions had no hits, and I need to get this working soon
if possible. Although it's mostly internals stuff that's well over my
head, I saw a couple driver related questions in the archive, and no
one complained, so I am guessing this is the right place.

Toshiba Satellite A105-4001
(Intel Core Solo 1.66Ghz, 512MB memory, i945GM graphics, IP 3945ABG
wireless [NOT USED]).

Since the 3945ABG doesn't have drivers now, and the project looks well
and good halted for now, I found out that a linksys WPC54G card works
(at least version 3) with NDIS throught this site:

I followed the instructions, and everything loads fine, but the card
doesn't show up.

I have inserted the card. The status light on it blinks green then
goes off. I ran ndis and generated the driver as specified, kldload'ed
the wlan_wep module, followed by ndis, followed by the card driver.
After that I checked dmesg - the card did not appear (nothing with
ndis or the card driver name). No errors came from kldload, and there
was no ndis entry in /dev or /dev/net.

Another site suggested pciconf -la to determine what cards are found,
and I didn't see anything recognizable there.

What's the next step in diagnostics? I'm runing FreeBSD 6.1 on i386.
Please cc a copy of the reply to me as well as the newsgroup, as I am
not a member.

-Jim Stapleton

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