How to access the values of the kenv variables in driver code?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Tue Sep 19 03:55:37 PDT 2006

sivakumar.subramani at wrote:
 > I would like to have some of the configuration parameters of my driver
 > to be present as part of the /boot/device.hints file. After adding a
 > variable I could see that variable and it's value as part of kevn's
 > ouput.
 > Can any one please let me know how to access the value of these
 > variables in my drive code?

>From sys/kern/kern_environment.c:

 * The unified bootloader passes us a pointer to a preserved copy of
 * bootstrap/kernel environment variables.  We convert them to a
 * dynamic array of strings later when the VM subsystem is up.
 * We make these available through the kenv(2) syscall for userland
 * and through getenv()/freeenv() setenv() unsetenv() testenv() for
 * the kernel.

The following shell command will give you lots of examples:

find /usr/src/sys -name "*.c" | xargs grep -w getenv

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