Avoiding natd overhead

Spadge spadge at fromley.net
Sat Oct 21 13:41:06 UTC 2006

Chris Bowman wrote:
>  I see this question come up now and then on the lists, so, I'll share 
> what I've learned about natd and performance!  First, if your running 
> natd on a processor which supports more functions than just a standard 
> 386,  ie a Pentium, Athlon, etc.  Then I've found compiling natd with 
> make flags for that processor, and with O3 optimizations will make your 
> jaw drop in comparison to the default installed version of natd.  You 
> can find if you have the sources downloaded for FreeBSD the natd source 
> in /usr/src/sbin/natd , just recompile natd itself, or when you re-build 
> world for your system, make sure you have make flags set in make.conf so 
> everything will rebuild with optimized flags, however I don't recomend 
> O3 at all for a build world, will almost definately break something, for 
> natd itself, it works fine.

This is pretty interesting stuff, and something I'm going to have to 
look into.

Could I be incredibly presumptious and ask you for some more info to get 
me started on my way?

Where would I start looking for info on what make flags are available 
for natd and my CPUs? I'm not seeing anything helpful in the README and 
my Makefile is very short.

Thanks for any help.


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