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Max Laier max at
Sat Oct 21 01:05:49 UTC 2006

On Saturday 21 October 2006 00:57, Julian Elischer wrote:
> I'm looking at some changes to the pfil and ipfw code.
> I notice that the pfil changes for link layer and bridge based
> filtering have not been completed yet..
> (by which I mean that ipfw is still called directly
> from those places rather than via pfil. Is anyone working on this?
> I have been playing around with filtering bridges and
> notice that there is no way for pfil to tell the
> called modules (e.g. ipfw) that it was called from a bridge as opposed
> to having been called from the ethernet framework.
> I see two possible ways this could be done.
> 1/ adding a filter list head with a different KEY/KEYTYPE
>    for example
> adding a third keytype:
>   #define PFIL_TYPE_AF        1   /* key is AF_* type */
>   #define PFIL_TYPE_IFNET     2   /* key is ifnet pointer */
>   #define PFIL_TYPE_BRIDGE    3   /* key is ignored. Used for bridging
> */
> and making a special filter list for bridging. It would be possible
> to use the ifnet associated with the bridge I guess but it would be
> hard to find the right queue if you didn't know where the ifnet
> for the bridge was.
> Possibly another way would be to extend the flags sent
> with each packet do contain more than just the direction:
>   #define PFIL_OUT       0x00000002
>   #define PFIL_WAITOK    0x00000004
>   #define PFIL_ALL       (PFIL_IN|PFIL_OUT)
> +#define PFIL_DIR       (PFIL_IN|PFIL_OUT)
> +#define PFIL_IPSTACK   0x00000010
> +#define PFIL_BRIDGE    0x00000020
> +#define PFIL_LINK      0x00000030
> +#define PFIL_CALLER    0x000000F0
> thus (flags & PFIL_CALLER) can be tested to see who called you.
> and (flags & PFIL_DIR) can be tested to get the direction.
> thoughts?

Andre has a WIP for this.  I'll let him speak.

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