Intel PRO 3945ABG Wireless

Vince jhary at
Tue Oct 10 08:28:55 PDT 2006

Paul Schmehl wrote:
> --On Tuesday, October 10, 2006 09:59:15 +0100 Vince <jhary at>
> wrote:
>> Just a a final note. The (discontinued) wpi driver that Damien started
>> is still floating around and works for some people (although its a
>> little flaky and only gives 6Mbps even for those where it does work.)
>> I have a copy you can try if you like.
> Can you post a url?

to compile I had to link the extracted wpi-freebsd/wpi directory to

then I have to load the modules in the following order
kldload firmware.ko (well mines in kernel but if yours isnt)
kldload wpi_ucode.ko
kldload if_wpi.ko

And occasionally I loose the interface and need to
kldunload wpi_ucode
kldunload if_wpi
kldload wpi_ucode

It works well enough for me but I know other people havent got it working.
> Why isn't anyone working on updating it?
I wish I knew, Damien stopped developing for FreeBSD cause of
disagreements with other developers (he says something about it in a
kerneltrap interview if i remember rightly. Luca Morettoni one of the
Freesbie developers said he'd have a look at it last time i sent a link
to it to one of the freebsd lists, but I havent heard more since then.
Sadly I'm not a coder and wouldnt know where to start with it myself.

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