which windows software can communicate with ipsec(racoon)?

Lupe Christoph lupe at lupe-christoph.de
Fri Nov 24 02:46:51 PST 2006

On Friday, 2006-11-24 at 11:44:37 +0200, Jordan Ostreff wrote:
> Cisco VPN uses by default udp communication not TCP - maybe this is 
> related to your problem.

IPSec normally uses AH and ESP which are protocols in the same layer as
UDP and TCP. The protocol numbers are 51 and 50. If a firewall blocks
all protocols besides UDP and TCP, and filters those protocols by ports,
you can only use UDP encapsulation. I never tried to do this with FreeBSD,
though. Dunno if the kernel can do that. I didn't find such a thing in
the setkey manpage on 5.3. It mentions TCP, though.

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