FreeBSD as a VPN Client Gateway ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at
Wed Mar 22 22:17:52 UTC 2006


      If anyone would like to use FreeBSD as a VPN gateway but have the 
usual Win2K/XP clients to support, here is a free software product that 
may be of interest ...

      The VPN Client was designed to work with ipsec-tools + FreeBSD as 
the gateway but others such as NetBSD have been tested. Features include 
multiple XAuth user authentication modes, automatic client network 
configuration, remote network topology download, NAT Traversal, IKE 
fragmentation and transport pre-fragmentation ( ala NetBSD 3.0 ). The 
latter three are useful for clients behind NAT devices or broken 
DSL/Cable routers that drop large or fragmented UDP packets.

      If you are interested in using NAT-T, you should have a look at 
Yvans kernel patch which offers everything but transport 
pre-fragmentation support ...

Feedback and bug reports are appreciated ( off this list ).


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