New version of iwi(4) - Call for testers

Max Laier max at
Sun Mar 5 20:04:21 UTC 2006


there have been a lot of problem reports with iwi(4) lately.  Can everybody 
who does have problems with it please take a look at:

There is a new version of the driver (converted to use firmware(9)).  It 
includes some fundamental changes that greatly help stability and 
performance.  There are, however, still some instabilities with it.

I'd appreciate if you could give it a try and report back.  If it breaks 
(device timeout, connection stall, etc. ...) you could help us a great deal 
if you set "sysctl debug.iwi=3" and include the console output at the time of 
the failure.  If you don't see something interesting there, you might want to 
increase debug.iwi even further, but that will be *very* chatty.

Thanks in advance.

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