fetch http://localhost:6666 hangs

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at aldan.algebra.com
Tue Jun 27 20:10:29 UTC 2006

вівторок 27 червень 2006 15:05, Pawel Worach написав:
> > I just noticed, that on my recent "6.1-STABLE #4: Thu Jun  8" amd64
> > system attempts to connect to a bogus port (like 6666) hang instead of
> > failing with "Connection refused" immediately, as they on other systems.
> Using sysctl net.inet.tcp.blackhole=1 ?

Yes, that's what it was...

Got me thinking, though... Should the blackhole setting apply to localhost 
(and local IP addresses) at all? It is a security measure -- would be nicer 
to reduce its impact on legitimate activity...


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