ftpd vs. lukemftpd (forcing FTP-uploaded ...)

James Ryan james at infinityprosports.com
Mon Jul 17 19:17:02 UTC 2006

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> понеділок 17 липень 2006 13:51, David J. Orman написав:
>> The stock ftp server?
> BTW, what is the stock ftp server on 6-stable? I see two -- ftpd and lukemftpd 
> and both are installed...
> Is there a web-page with comparision somewhere, perhaps? Thanks!
> 	-mi
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I am not aware of a stock FTP server that can accomplish what you are 
asking for, at least without modifying the source or writing a plug-in 
of some sort.

You may have already thought of this, but my 2-cents is:

If you don't mind waiting until the file finishes transferring to 
examine it, you could 1) turn on verbose logging (ftpd -ll for stock 
ftpd; other ftp servers have better logging though), 2) log directly to 
a named pipe, 3) attach a simple script at the other end that determines 
what the uploaded file is and deletes it accordingly.

I would not recommend using ftpd for this; as I recall, and somebody 
correct me if I am wrong, it does not always log the complete path to an 
uploaded file.  I'd suggest ProFTPd instead; it's CustomLog feature 
allows you to specify your own log format (like Apache).  This means you 
can make a convenient string to regex, such as "date|user|action|file".

Good luck,

James Ryan
Infinity Pro Sports
em: james at infinityprosports.com

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